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Davey and Goliath's Lost Episodes

This Collector's Edition of 10 (15 minute) episodes is available to the public for the first time ever! Some of the episodes were pulled from broadcast stations over 40 years ago, and some have never even been distributed on television or video.  Content issues, political incorrectness or unapproved visuals kept these episodes in the vault.  Now re-edited to acceptable video standards for young children, we hope you and your family enjoy these Lost Episodes of the beloved Davey and Goliath television series.


  • Cousin Barney - 13:36

  • Polka Dot Tie - 14:58

  • The Pilgrim Boy - 14:04

  • Ten-Pin Alley - 14:07
        (formerly, Ten Little Indians)

  • Down on the Farm - 14:56

  • The Jickets - 14:48
        (formerly, The Gang)

  • Help - 14:03

  • Louder Please - 14:02

  • What's His Name - 13:25

  • The Watchdogs - 14:14


    Order Davey and Goliath’s Lost Episodes now at:


    Davey and Goliath brings moral and faith-based values
    to a new generation of children in lively and engaging ways.


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